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Minggu, 31 Mei 2009

17 Again

Teen comedy film "17 Again"the biggest in the United States and Canada with ticket revenue reached U.S. $ 24.1 million (Rp 256.3 billion). This film friction ranked first the previous weekend, "Hannah Montana: The Movie", to the rank three.

17 Again is about a talented teenagers playing basketball, Mike O'Donnell ( staring High School Musical ": Zac Efron). Mike, nearly got a scholarship to play basketball because of the skills but the future is destroyed by the girlfriend, Scarlet , pregnancy.

Incident was in 1989. Well, in 2009, the pair-Mike Scarlett already has two children, Maggie and Alex.

At the age of 37 this year, by series star "Friends", Matthew Perry. Disorderly life. He was the sack of the work, his wife - Scarlett - living with angry only. And second son dont want him.

The story changed when, suddenly alone, Mike can be young again, again aged 17 years. He re-entry to high school, making friends with his son. From there the story of this show and entrap the moviegoer in the United States.

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