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Selasa, 02 Juni 2009


Prepare for an adventure, "Dadnepped" on 21 June 2009 Sunday, 6:30 hours at the Disney Channel staring by Emily Osment as Melissa Hamilton. This film tells about Melissa is always trying to steal attention her father, who is always busy, Neal Hamilton, author of a best-seller novel. Melissa lives in the shadow - baying, Trip Zoome, a figure that diligent spirited adventurers from the novel - a novel famous detective father. When the father and child is a holiday together, arrive - they arrived just get a variety of problems. Neal, the father rapt. First, it was stolen by father’s fans. The second, it stolen by the two brothers with different motives secret. Melissa then realized that he was in the plot Zoome adventure trip. He must also be struggling to find a missing father.

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