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Senin, 22 Juni 2009

Mitchel Musso is a Soundcheck Stud

Mitchel Musso gets his groove on to Demi Lovato’s “La La Land” behind-the-scenes of Walmart Soundcheck.
During the interview, the 17-year-old actor/singer dished on his new album, acting, and big bro Mason Musso. Check it:

On his love for acting: “I love acting and it’s in my blood forever. I love playing characters, I love playing roles. I feel that when I’m making music, a lot of times I write stuff that’s not true. It feels like I’m playing a character. Literally.”

On his new self-titled album: “I felt that if I did title the album, I’d be in a certain genre. I didn’t want to close myself up, didn’t want to box myself in because I like all sorts of music. I like everything from Elton John to Lil Wayne and everything in between.”

On big bro Mason being a musical inspiration: “My older brother is in Metro Station and it’s interesting, not only because I think he’s the most phenomenal musician/writer/singer, artist in general. It’s because he’s my older brother.”

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