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Minggu, 07 Juni 2009

Selena Gomez Dives 'Headfirst' Into Drama

Selena Gomez has had a busy couple of days and took to her Twitter to clear up a few things.

The 16-year-old starlet shared, “There is currently a song floating around on the internet. Yes the song is me, I recorded it about a year and a half ago. It is sad to see that something I did privately and for fun with a friend is now for the public to hear. This is NOT about ANYONE as some suggest. The song is NOT apart of my record.”

Selena also had her MySpace account hacked yesterday. She shared in a new blog, “Someone knew exactly what to say. Unbelievable. I am truly sorry for the last blog. We took care of it but someone who clearly does NOT know my personal life tried to hurt someone close to me.”

Source : http://justjaredjr.buzznet.com/2009/06/05/selena-gomez-dives-headfirst/

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